Meet The Owner!

Hey! My Name Is Danielle (Dani), I Wanted To Take The Time To Introduce Myself. I Am A Warm Hearted, Loving, Honest, Family Oriented, Wife, Mother, Daughter, & Sister.

 My Favorite Thing To Do Is Making My Kids Smile, Spending Time With Family, Relaxing In A Peaceful Environment, Traveling, Making Beautiful Candles, Swimming, Skating,  Self Care Activities, Eating & Cooking Good Food!

My Luxury Clean Burning Candles Were Made From Scratch By Me Wanting To Share Pure Aromas In A Peaceful Atmosphere! I Want To Spread Positive Energy, Promote Relaxation, & Boost Your Mood! I Hope You'll Enjoy Them As Much As I Do!

  Thank You For Giving Your Time, Interest, & Support!